Who is BeeDub? 

I'm Beth and even though that's a nickname, people think I need more.  So I am also known as BEW, BeeDub, Barb, Bethy, Seestir, Babs, Befro ....take your pick or make up your own.  Apparently I will answer to anything!  

I have always loved taking photographs.  I mean, who doesn't?  When I received my first camera (a 110 remember those?), I was 10.  It was tricky relationship.  I couldn't drive, film was expensive, it had to be developed.  Sigh.  I have a lot of blurry photos of my rabbit. 

My grandfather bought my first DSLR camera for me in 2005 and my love of photography was rekindled!  I started taking photos again.  Digital meant I could take A.  Lot.  Of.  Pictures.  Mostly of my dog and flowers.  

Originally from Maryland, my family and friends are scattered all over this beautiful planet.  I love them.  And I miss them.  So soon they became my favored subjects.  It difficult to explain the feeling of revisiting a time and place by viewing an image.  But we all know what that feels like...

A laugh.  

A joke.  

Time travel.   


♥ LOVE ♥ 

All of this boils down to love!  I love to love!  And I love capturing love.  Weddings.  Mamas-to-be.  Families.  Kiddos.  They all exude that beautiful emotion and I feel lucky to be chosen to detail it and deliver those memories to you!


Just the facts, ma'am. 

I read my magazines back to front.
I am a bed maker, an over-analyzer,  an intro-extrovert, an un-categorical-consumer-of-food, a little claustrophobic and really annoyed by spelling errors.  
I have a weird obsession with excel and RECYCLING!  
Conservation and sustainability are part of my soul.  
Wastefulness drives me NUTTERS.
I love science.  
I am a nature-lover.
I love my greenhouse and working in my gardens....watching things grow, knowing where my food comes from.
I am a veggie-lover.
I learned how to can...and now Christmas will never be the same.  I realize this makes me sound like I’m 50 years old and I’m ok with that because *people love my pickles*.
Things I L♥VE...the smell of rain (but not what it does to my curlz) ...and fresh cut grass, outdoor concerts, MARYLAND (crab cakes!), WILMINGTON (all of it), grilling out, Blue Moon, bloody mary's (Dockside!), campfires, presents, surprises, my big ole' fam-jam, sittin' on a back porch, smiling, good food, *good wine*, FRIENDS...living close to the beach errr... mountains....as long as there's water I'm good! 
If I'm not outside, you might find me in the kitchen (master-baker)...but don't make me cook AND clean up please, that's just rude.
I have an NPR addiction.  
*ART* *ART* *ART*: photography, calligraphy, painting, drawing, graphic art, craftyness, sewing.  
I am a dog-lover. I really do have the best. dog. ever.  Coopy.  He's new(ish), but he rules.  Such a good cuddler! We miss you Shamus. 
I love reading, learning, smiling, my SISTERS♥ are my best friends ... so are my BROTHERS, oh and the aunts!....ok, ok and mom’s, dad’s, uncles, cousins ….
If you hang out on this site, or visit my facebook page you will undoubtedly see...ahem...a few photos of my kiddos.  Along with my bearded hubs, they are my world, my life and my loves.  

All images on this site are the work of Beth Willard-Patton, a photographer and crafty mama based in the foothills of North Carolina near Asheville, NC.