I absolutely live to photograph people.  I'm obsessed with expecting mamas.  There's just something about the belly.  And bring on the babies.  They are the best.  And families.  And weddings!  Ok, just get in front of my lens and I promise we will have fun!

All about beth:

I am a bed maker, an over-analyzer,  an intro-extrovert, an uncategorical-consumer-of-food (mindful meat eater?).  

I don't like labels.

I have a weird obsession with excel and RECYCLING!  

Conservation and sustainability are part of my soul.  

Wastefulness drives me NUTTERS.

I love science.  And emoticons.  

I'm afraid of heights (and have a little claustrophobia...insert emoticon here).

I am a nature-lover.  

I love gardening, watching things grow and knowing where my food comes from; I am a veggie-lover.

I learned how to can...and now Christmas will never be the same.  I realize this makes me sound like I’m 50 years old and I’m ok with that because *people love my pickles*.

♥ My husband is THE hardest working, most loving man I know who can-fix-the-hell-out-of-anything.  He *IS* my problem solver.

♥ My Sadiekins arrived on June 19, 2013 and my heart burst wide open.  I expect it will always be a little raw and bleeding.  She is my heart and soul.

I love the smell of fresh cut grass, outdoor concerts, MARYLAND (crab cakes!), Wrightsville Beach, grilling out, a good bloody mary, campfires, surprises, family, smiling, food, *wine*, friends, L I F E ♥

I have an NPR addiction.  

*ART* *ART* *ART*: photography, painting, drawing, graphic art, craftyness, sewing 

I am a dog-lover...Shay lover!  I really do have the best. dog. ever.  Cooper too.  He's new, but he rules.  Such a good cuddler! 

I love reading, learning, smiling, my SISTERS♥ are my best friends ... so are my BROTHERS, oh and the aunts!....ok, ok and mom’s, dad’s, uncles, cousins ….