Acres of Beauty

I’ve known William and Marie since 2009 when they started Bluebird Farm and I was managing the local farmers market. They brought Community Supported Agriculture to Morganton during a time when CSA’s weren’t popular in small towns and continue to be innovative using growing and harvesting methods that are good for the earth (which means they work their butts off!!).

I grew up on a farm so I love it when they invite me to hang out and wander through their rows. As you can see it’s an easy job since farmers are total hotties!

Buy local and support your local farmers! During the growing season you can find Bluebird Farm in Hickory on Wednesdays and Charlotte / Morganton on Saturdays.

Kristy + Eric Sneak Peek

I was so lucky to be included Kristy and Eric’s big day. Kristy planned everything herself and knew exactly what she wanted. I hear she’s an AWESOME nanny but she definitely has a future in the wedding industry if she ever wants a career change. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!

Head Shots for a Hot Shot!

My good friend, Jamie, is a marketing genius…she has a way with words. She is also one of the most thoughtful people I know…always doing for others. Did I mention she’s gorgeous and has the mom-thing on lock? Basically, I want to be Jaime when I grow up. In the meantime, I jumped at the chance to update her headshots and I’m obsessed with these “uncorporate” photos!

April 2018

My SECOND post of 2018...winning!

April was another busy month full of love and joy!  I began the month with some real estate photography and I had a great afternoon photographing this gorgeous 

The very same day, I photographed the gorgeous women of Fonta Flora Brewery!  This was the second year that their sweet, adorable, creative, brilliant, manager, Sara asked me to capture the ladies behind this popular brewery.  I had so much fun with this group and  I LOVE that their business elevates and celebrates the women behind their success.  Check out these BEAUTIES!

I was also invited to a staff gathering to capture a few more headshots as well as document brewing and packaging of their yummy fermentations!

Next was back-to-back weekends shooting ADORABLE kiddos!  These littles were so hysterical.  And I'm obsessed with this secret flower patch that I found tucked away....

Last but not Blayne came to visit me.  He was snuggly and squishy and completely perfect.  Apparently I have a "thing" for baby toes.  

Something extra....

I always try to provide my clients with a little something extra.  Something they don't expect.  Something that makes them feel special!  

For newborn sessions, I make a video.  During newborn sessions, I capture small video clips.  Little yawns, a cry, one eye opens to see what's going on ....these things can't be conveyed through a still photograph. 

Sometimes I take a little video during a family session too so be on the look out the next time we're together :)

Enjoy the last few videos that I've made for clients!

March 2018

You guys!  I'm determined to blog this year.  UGH!  Why is this so challenging for me?  I'm totally aiming for one post a month. SURELY I can manage less than 12 posts, yes?

I've had the busiest spring ever and I'm sooooo HAPPY!  Typically this is a lazy time of year  (ha!  Lazy for a work-a-holic!).  I've been so grateful to have several sessions this spring and I'm already booking into the summer. 

First was a maternity session for my dear friend Val who gave birth to little Blayne yesterday!  I'm obsessed with his name...and his squishy cheeks ♥ Val, her hubby Tyler and their daughter Adrienne came to my house and we took advantage of my neighbor's green thumb.  Thanks Robby!  The light was perfect. Adrienne was a doll.  Valerie was stunning!  Calhoun was obedient.  And Tyler was his ever-good natured self.

Next was little Ivey who was the sleepiest, lazy little chub for her session!  I was lucky enough to photograph her mom and dad's wedding last May.  Sweet Little Ivey let me do whatever I wanted since she had decided to party party party the night before.  Sorry mom!  Newborns life is exhausting but totally worked in my favor ...this time!  Elizabeth and Grant are going to be amazing parents and I can't wait to watch Ivey flourish and grow.

At the tail end of the month were headshots for Gorgeous Georgia.  She is a talented young model and actress who wanted head shots for her portfolio.  We had so much fun and I can't wait to get her to model for me again! 



A modern romantic ♥

"What Kind of Bride Are You?"

I was reading a blog with this title and it brought to mind my MOST favorite bride to date!  The very FIRST bride of my career.  A very special bride who became a very dear friend.  And, a modern-romantic bride according to the blog.

This bride...

  • visited me after the birth of my daughter.  
  • put her trust me in me completely! 
  • is a woman who's outer beauty could never match her inner beauty....although she is stunningly gorgeous!  
  • doesn't take a bad photo (lucky me!).
  • raised two smart, caring, beautiful women.

The only way to describe Deanne and Ashley's wedding is to say ...I was celebrating right alongside them!   My cup overflows for them.

Deanne wrote me a letter after all the festivities were over, which is now framed in my office.  I cherish this letter.  You will see it below.  I'm kind of a doubter.  Sometimes I feel like I'm not good enough.  Don't you hate that?  When I need uplifting, I just read her sweet words.  

As Deanne and Ashley celebrate their first anniversary, my wish, my hope, my dream is for their love to grow stronger, deeper and more magical with each passing day

Beth ♥

Mommy + Me ♥

Mama Heather (aka Shugar Shots!) and I have a mutual friend.  Plus, we both love photography, our dogs and being outside.  Perfect fit right?  Welp, over the years we never really kept in touch. 

For some cosmic reason, our connection has grown and matured over the past 6 months.  I say cosmic because the stars kind of aligned to bring us together (ok, maybe being new moms had a little bit to do with it too).  I love this girl!  She has the BEST smile.  Period.  The best.  You'll see in a minute.  I can feel her smile through her text messages!  She is also one of the most thoughtful and generous people I know.  Her outlook on life is so blissfully positive.  She rolls with it.  You know those kind of people?  She's up.  You just can't help but be happy when you're around her.  And her love for her first  born daughter,  is one of the most beautiful relationships I've ever seen.

So in August, when Heather and Hattie (don't you adore that name?) came to visit us in the mountains before their move to Michigan, we of course had the best time!

This sweet session was so much fun!  Looking through these photos takes me back to our wonderful weekend together!  The clouds parted just in time for our sunset shoot.  The light was perfect.  Hattie was mostly tolerating us :)  What more can you ask for?

Here are a few of  my favs.  Enjoy!

Beth ♥

Winter Session with the Fensterer + Chesters!

Sara is a great friend of mine.  She is one of those chicks who always has a smile on her face and something great to say.  I just love those kinds of people!  Positivity is my jam.  Plus she's smart.  Like, really smart.  

Sara contacted me in the fall wanting to do a session with her siblings, Matt and Mae and her hubs, Josh.  They book a family session about every 5 years as a Christmas gift for their parents.  Which is why it's February and you're just seeing these images....

Josh has a lot in common with my husband, so I like him a lot ☺  I had never met Matt and Mae, but they are as sweet as Sara, of course.  That.  Mae.  Isn't she a doll?  

It was suuuuuper chilly the day that we shot.  But these guys are completely profesh.  And adorable, right?  I mean look at those faces ♥

Finnegan Glows!

I WILL get better about updating this blog!Eh.So much to do, so little time.Do you ever feel like you're always behind?I guess that's the punishment for a full life!No complaining ☺

In December, a friend posted an image on Facebook, tagged a few friends with kiddos and insisted that someone recreate this image.  I jumped at the chance to embark on one of my favorite creative endeavors, chalkboard art (!!) AND photograph the adorable Finn!   

I didn't have time to deviate much from the original photograph so it's basically a copycat piece.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  

BUT.  How adorable is sweet Finn?  I mean come.  on.  Those cheeks!  Those little teefers!  That hair!  

His parents are equally beautiful, so what would you expect, right?



Gracie + Walt

Ok.  So, you would never know it by looking at these photos, but it was a steamy July afternoon when I met this adorable family for a fun outdoor session.  I mean, it was toasty.  About as comfortable as spending an hour on the surface of the sun.  But these cuties never complained!  A true testament to their awesome mama, they even endured an outfit change!