Mommy + Me ♥

Mama Heather (aka Shugar Shots!) and I have a mutual friend.  Plus, we both love photography, our dogs and being outside.  Perfect fit right?  Welp, over the years we never really kept in touch. 

For some cosmic reason, our connection has grown and matured over the past 6 months.  I say cosmic because the stars kind of aligned to bring us together (ok, maybe being new moms had a little bit to do with it too).  I love this girl!  She has the BEST smile.  Period.  The best.  You'll see in a minute.  I can feel her smile through her text messages!  She is also one of the most thoughtful and generous people I know.  Her outlook on life is so blissfully positive.  She rolls with it.  You know those kind of people?  She's up.  You just can't help but be happy when you're around her.  And her love for her first  born daughter,  is one of the most beautiful relationships I've ever seen.

So in August, when Heather and Hattie (don't you adore that name?) came to visit us in the mountains before their move to Michigan, we of course had the best time!

This sweet session was so much fun!  Looking through these photos takes me back to our wonderful weekend together!  The clouds parted just in time for our sunset shoot.  The light was perfect.  Hattie was mostly tolerating us :)  What more can you ask for?

Here are a few of  my favs.  Enjoy!

Beth ♥