Finnegan Glows!

I WILL get better about updating this blog!Eh.So much to do, so little time.Do you ever feel like you're always behind?I guess that's the punishment for a full life!No complaining ☺

In December, a friend posted an image on Facebook, tagged a few friends with kiddos and insisted that someone recreate this image.  I jumped at the chance to embark on one of my favorite creative endeavors, chalkboard art (!!) AND photograph the adorable Finn!   

I didn't have time to deviate much from the original photograph so it's basically a copycat piece.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  

BUT.  How adorable is sweet Finn?  I mean come.  on.  Those cheeks!  Those little teefers!  That hair!  

His parents are equally beautiful, so what would you expect, right?