A modern romantic ♥

"What Kind of Bride Are You?"

I was reading a blog with this title and it brought to mind my MOST favorite bride to date!  The very FIRST bride of my career.  A very special bride who became a very dear friend.  And, a modern-romantic bride according to the blog.

This bride...

  • visited me after the birth of my daughter.  
  • put her trust me in me completely! 
  • is a woman who's outer beauty could never match her inner beauty....although she is stunningly gorgeous!  
  • doesn't take a bad photo (lucky me!).
  • raised two smart, caring, beautiful women.

The only way to describe Deanne and Ashley's wedding is to say ...I was celebrating right alongside them!   My cup overflows for them.

Deanne wrote me a letter after all the festivities were over, which is now framed in my office.  I cherish this letter.  You will see it below.  I'm kind of a doubter.  Sometimes I feel like I'm not good enough.  Don't you hate that?  When I need uplifting, I just read her sweet words.  

As Deanne and Ashley celebrate their first anniversary, my wish, my hope, my dream is for their love to grow stronger, deeper and more magical with each passing day

Beth ♥

Finnegan Glows!

I WILL get better about updating this blog!Eh.So much to do, so little time.Do you ever feel like you're always behind?I guess that's the punishment for a full life!No complaining ☺

In December, a friend posted an image on Facebook, tagged a few friends with kiddos and insisted that someone recreate this image.  I jumped at the chance to embark on one of my favorite creative endeavors, chalkboard art (!!) AND photograph the adorable Finn!   

I didn't have time to deviate much from the original photograph so it's basically a copycat piece.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  

BUT.  How adorable is sweet Finn?  I mean come.  on.  Those cheeks!  Those little teefers!  That hair!  

His parents are equally beautiful, so what would you expect, right?